Buying a Condo As an Investment Residence – Advantages

If you’re like most people, you would like your monetary potential to be better than your present, or at a minimum not more serious. So, you determine dollars besides and think of techniques making it develop. The alternatives seem to be unlimited, but you’ve picked property as the investment world, and you’re thinking about condo properties. Condos have several advantages over individual family members residences or 2-4 device complexes. And lots of down sides. In my conversations with people who’ve purchased condo properties, couple of…Continue Reading “Buying a Condo As an Investment Residence – Advantages”

This project was a tremendous undertaking. The land had endured at the hands of vandals who had put many fires within the building – one of which almost destroyed the three story staircase. The damage caused by the natural elements was extensive and the Death Watch Beetle had moved in. All this meant that before any renovation work could occur, half the budget needed to be spent at the onset of the project on important structural work. When the roof was back and the property…Continue Reading “Historic Property Restoration – The Menagerie Coventry”