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iphone repair singapore

About iPhone

When every functionality is available on a single device like a cellphone, gaming console, miniature computer, and portable media player, getting an iPhone is the best option. As a report suggests, there are about 2 million users of iPhone in Singapore. One can take precautions, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. The same case is with iPhone, so with more than 2 million users, services for iphone repair singapore are in demand as well. The average cost for getting an iPhone repaired may vary from S$449 to S$999 or even more, depending on the damage.

Repair time and cost 

A study revealed that there are an approx. Of eighty-eight percent of iPhone users in Singapore, thus making it the foremost user of Apple. Getting aniphone repair singapore is costly. Getting an iPhone repaired may take half an hour or may even take more than a few days, as said earlier, depending upon the issue. The warranty also plays a vital role when getting their iPhone repaired when it comes to monetary matters.

Services provided by iPhone repair centers in Singapore

– Getting a battery replaced

– If the model isn’t water-resistant, then damage caused by water

– Crack on screen thus ruining the display

– Home button hanged

– When the camera is giving the user too much trouble

– Getting motherboard repaired

– Volume or power button may get hanged too

– Having an issue with the charging port

– When one’s battery is depleting too fast


As discussed many times and users are already aware of how iphone repair singapore, is costly and maintenance of the iPhone is also on the higher side. All the faults are diagnosed carefully, and genuine parts are used in case of replacement requirements. As reliable as your phone is, so should be the investment in repairing.