Why is Singapore Wedding Photography So Costly?

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Basically there are two kinds of people on Earth with respect to wedding photography. One is who decide the quality based on cost and the other who do not. The crucial part of the wedding is choosing the right photographer. With the availability of digital cameras easily, there are some thousands of photographers available in the market. However, the quality differs. The professional photographers are those who work under an experienced photographer initially and gain knowledge. They charge more due to the quality of the work. There are many other amateur photographers who just take pictures for fun. The quality of work is really low and they offer to work at ridiculously low rates. They do not have any experience and they might have not worked under any other photographer. All the posses are a digital camera.

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Possessing a video camera is not sufficient to become a wedding photographer. Wedding is a onetime event of anyone’s life. Hence, there is no scope of any mistake to happen. Wedding photographs and video is the treasure of life time and it is quite obvious that we expect it to come out extremely gracious and beautiful.  The wedding photography is usually very expensive and with the quality of the works the cost gets even higher but no lessees. The general notion is that the wedding photography is just one day’s work, so why is it so expensive? For the photographers too, it is a big day as it is for the bride and groom. Huge amount of hard work is required to successfully shoot this big day. The whole wedding ceremony is very expensive but most of the time only the expense of photography will be told exclusively as it is a notion that the photographers take lot of money without any input of effort and expenditure.

Effort behind the Lens

The work of the wedding photography Singapore begins even before the wedding data starts. They need to get the equipment ready and mind you the equipment is not cheap. Along with the actual camera which costs around 2,500 they also carry spare equipment just in case of any malfunction. The photographer’s attention needs to be sharp all through the wedding, waiting for the candid shots of the couple as well as other close relatives. They hardly get any kind of breaks. After the big day too they have loads of home work to be done to finally finish the project. Choosing, editing and printing of the pictures are not an easy job.