Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery – Is it the Terrible Experience?

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CABG surgery generally involves opening of the chest and directing your blood through the heart-lung machine that takes care of the circulation whereas your heart is stopped, cooled, as well as repaired. The blockages in coronary arteries will be bypassed by harvesting the blood vessel from somewhere else in your body (at times internal mammary arteries inside your chest wall, sometimes large and superficial vein in leg, or both) and sewing this on coronary artery to reroute the proper blood flow over the blockage. When the repair is done, your heart will be warmed and restarted.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Any signs of trouble

First, CAD doesn’t present any kind of symptoms, but when arteries get narrower, first sign something might not be right with your heart is angina and chest pain. One more symptom of the CAD is the shortness of breath and to point of the extreme fatigue during the exertion. Unfortunately the obvious symptom of the coronary artery disease will be to avoid heart attack.

Any risk factors

High BP, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obese contribute to the higher chances of an individual developing the coronary artery disease. Also, smoking is one important factor. Suppose there is the family history of the heart disease, it’s very important to maintain the healthy lifestyle to fight the genetics power and you can learn more at CABG Singapore. Losing even 10 kilograms will reduce blood pressure of a person by around 20 mmHg systolic & dramatically decrease the chances for developing diabetes, gateway to many serious diseases.