Specialties for kids – cena-shapes fun with cinnamon and sandpaper

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This specialty venture is simple and is an incredible route for little kids to participate in the enriching fun. Cinnamon sticks are a delectable method to make the progress from summer to harvest time, and this is an art that is easy to do and smells extraordinary.

Materials required

  • 1 sheet of sandpaper for every kid. While better coarseness sandpaper would be best for this task, whatever corn meal of sandpaper you have close by will work fine and dandy. Sandpaper can be bought at your nearby home improvement shop and the higher the number the better the coarseness.
  • 1 cinnamon sticks for every kid. You can discover modest cinnamon sticks in your close by make store. These cinnamon sticks would not be utilized for cooking, so you would prefer not to purchase the costly cinnamon sticks sold at your food merchants in the flavor passageway.
  • Sturdy scissors. Cutting sandpaper is not simple, however better coarseness is simpler to cut than the coarser assortments. Tin clips or substantial shears work best for this undertaking, yet may not be fitting for little youngsters. Utilize your judgment, and you may pick to have kids utilize a decent pair of Schuurpapier webwinkel. As a compensation for the entirety of the difficult work, slicing through sandpaper will hone your scissors.
  • You will require a pencil to draw the example of the shape that you need to remove.
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Permanent marker


  • To downplay messes spread your work region with a paper, drop material or old sheet.
  • On the off chance that you have some little kids doing this art, it is a smart thought to have some pre-sliced shapes accessible for them to utilize.


  • Give every youngster a sheet of sandpaper or a pre-cut shape, a pencil and a cinnamon stick
  • Have every youngster draw a straightforward shape on the rear of a sheet of sandpaper.
  • Educate them to remove their shape.
  • At that point rub the cinnamon stick over the harsh side of the sandpaper showing for the kids.
  • Have the kids do something very similar with their cinnamon sticks making a point to cover the entire sandpaper shape.
  • Utilize a gap perforate the highest point of each shape.
  • Slip a circle of strip through the gap.
  • Compose the kid’s name on the paper side of the shape with an indelible marker.


  • Cut out a few sandpaper leaf shapes, rub them with cinnamon, and use them as beautification for an entryway wreath in September and October.
  • Make frightening Halloween shapes to improve a study hall or the front entryway.
  • Sandpaper Cinnamon Shapes make incredible Christmas trimmings when cut in exemplary occasion shapes like an adornment, ringer, snowman or wreath.